JaniCard produces employee ID cards simply and professionally

If your company’s software is already relatively complex, simple and professional solutions are always appreciated. JaniCard offers companies and government agencies that administer their personnel data using an HR system such as SAP a quick and simple method to generate and print employee IDs directly from within the system. The benefits of this kind of integrated solution: all data is stored centrally. This helps prevent errors, reduces administrative overhead and saves precious resources. The software can also be used to generate business cards.

Drakos JaniCard

Integration into SAP’s GUI

Because JaniCard is integrated into SAP’s GUI, employees will be able to understand how to use it immediately. All data required for the IDs (number, version, potential blocking parameters) are stored as standard SAP info types. Custom tables can also be created when employees of third-party vendors are on site, including an “expiry date” as required.

Free choice of design for employee IDs and business cards using CardDesigner

JaniCard doesn’t just issue employee IDs. It also does business cards. The CardDesigner software lets you integrate custom elements, including your corporate design, into cards. A variety of layouts are possible, making it possible to distinguish between different corporate divisions or management employees.

Main features
  • ID issuance from SAP HR
  • Simple data maintenance, automated updates during ID issuance
  • Support for all current coding and storage techniques, including Legic, Mifare, microchip, magnet strips or barcode; biometric data can also be captured
  • Locking, “expiry date” and other security functions
  • IDs for third-party vendors, also through SAP
  • Definition of different layouts, assignment to employee groups
  • Integration of passport photos from the SAP archive
  • Pictures can be recorded using a software-controlled digital camera, with storage and display of the image in SAP, such as in organisational charts
  • Business card management
  • Flexible control with ID number
  • Complete compliance with the SAP authorisation concept
  • Logbook: actions are logged together with user name
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