Access logs and time recording

Bright ideas for bright lights

Illuminating a leading light bulb manufacturer from the inside

The initial situation

The existing access control system of a well-known light bulb manufacturer was much more complex than necessary. For one, it lacked the flexibility needed for decentralised management of the company’s various production facilities and offices.

What was needed was a simple yet flexible access management system.

The request

There was also a desire to have multiple production facilities handle access autonomously. Yet the existing central control system lacked the necessary flexibility to create different security and authorisation zones.

Any solution thus needed to offer greater speed and efficiency.

The solution

Drakos installed its eTime access4you time and access management module on the existing Unix system. The software then assigned each factory its own control area. Access requests could then be handled independently from the central system — via a user-friendly web application. The results: Access is now managed quickly and simply at the local level. This allows for much more granular access credentialing, which has significantly improved the overall security and control over the system.