Designing access flexibly – with JaniAccess

Modern access control systems can only work effectively when they can adjust flexibly to changing requirements without sacrificing on administrative or operative security. JaniAccess from Drakos puts all elements of your access control system at your fingertips, with the familiar convenience of a web browser. Combine your company’s access terminals into geographical or functional groups, formulate employee groups (including those based on groupings in your ERP system/SAP) and time profiles, and easily assign access rights for entire departments or individual employees. This flexibility means you can not only assign individual employees rights as desired, but can also put time limits on those rights.

You define who may enter which areas and when

If, for example, maintenance workers need access to technical rooms only at certain times, than you can create a relevant group of employees, apply a suitable time profile and group of relevant terminals and then link them all together – and presto, you’re done! Any adjustments to access rights take immediate effect at the terminals. While time profiles are used to regulate rights for weekdays and times of day, you can also limit access to a specific time period, such as 25 March to 5 April – separately for any set of persons, physical area and time of day.
Employee groups can be based on almost any set of characteristics, including ID number ranges, cost centres, plant data collection groups or more. This gives you precise control over how access control is implemented for your personnel structure. The same applies for geographical controls: Terminal groups can be formulated flexibly, such as a terminals in one area or also offices in various buildings.


Reporting functionality: Your company’s security, always in view

Drakos JaniAccess

JaniAccess provides the reporting you need to review currently assigned access rights, at any time and for both areas and persons. You’ll always know who entered which room and when, or which persons had access to which area. Data privacy is strongly protected here: JaniWeb’s built-in authorisations system ensure that it can only be accessed in compliance with GDPR.

Reports on historical access and time postings can be created quickly for export to standard file formats. Need to know whether someone is currently checked in? Then request specific or current check-ins across the time period of your choice. All queries can be stored and reused.

Modular concept: you determine which functions you need

JaniAccess is a module from the JaniWeb web management system by Drakos. By combining it with other modules, you can tailor its functionality to meet your precise needs.

Using JaniVisit, for example, you can expand access management to include powerful user management functions, including pre-registration, print-out of IDs and reporting. And JaniAlarm keeps you informed about disruptions to access management and can even save lives through evacuation lists should a catastrophe strike.


Your advantages with JaniAccess

  • Quick and simple administration of access rights using any modern web browser
  • Direct communication with the terminal hardware, with changes taking effect/visible immediately
  • Assignment of access rights via
    • individual terminals, terminal groups
    • individual employees, employee groups
    • Time profiles for specific times of day and days of the week
    • Can be restricted to specific time periods
    • Definition of door-open profiles
  • Assessment/reporting function:
    • Display access rights by time periods, individual terminals, terminal groups, individual employees and employee groups (who may enter which areas and when?)
    • Overview of access check-ins (who entered which area and when?), access attempts, time postings
  • Can be expanded using JaniWeb modules such as JaniAlarm (alarm management) and JaniVisit (visitor management)
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