Access control directly in SAP

Janitor adds access management to a familiar software interface

SAP put your company’s entire set of economic data at your fingertips. What’s been missing until now was the ability to use that data for access control. Access terminals can only be linked to personnel data in SAP via workarounds using external systems. The result: data is almost always recorded redundantly, and almost never in the most current state.

Access management directly in SAP

Janitor is the world’s first SAP program for access control and access management. It communicates with the terminals using a custom-designed ACS-PDC standard interface. For the first time, you can administer access rights and analyse attendance and absence times without leaving the familiar software interface. Janitor also eliminates the need for redundant data. All processes undertaken at the terminals are immediately available in SAP for processing and analysis. The reverse is also true: the terminals are always working with up-to-date personnel data.

Janitor als SAP-Erweiterung

Janitor simplifies access controls and access management for users

Users will appreciate how easy Janitor is to operate, as it can directly access all time management data in SAP. Reader devices can also be defined in SAP – including assignment of IP addresses, cost centres, entrances/exits, etc. This saves the time otherwise needed to integrate third-party systems. And reduces your company’s dependence on specialists. Where Janitor really simplifies things is through the direct usage of the SAP role concept: When personnel data is created in SAP, Janitor gets immediately to work in the background by assigning access rights. An employee assigned to the IT cost centre will thus receive access to the server room. If the employee is later transferred to a different cost centre, then the system will automatically modify those credentials. It’s also easy to assign credentials that deviate from the standard rights associated with a cost centre profile: Just a few clicks in Janitor are all that’s needed to create a custom rights profile.

Is the credentialing process compatible with the Cloud?

Cloud services, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 – what steps have you taken, or are you planning on taking, to accommodate for the digital revolution? Whichever path you choose – Janitor ensures that you’re perfectly prepared for the digital age. Among the steps we’ve taken are an optional web management system with an alarm function. The software is also already S/4HANA-ready and is designed to accommodate any future migration to SAP SuccessFactors. And last but not least, Janitor is also available as Software as a Service (SaaS). That means that you can draw on its benefits even if using SAP via a data centre.

Greater security for buildings and persons

Janitor gives employees and third-party vendors access solely to the rooms and areas that you wish them to visit. Time profiles are used to ensure that this access is limited to specific time windows. For example, office workers may enter the building only between 7 am and 7 pm, while cleaning crews have access only in the early mornings and late evenings. Logs are also created via SAP. This makes it easier to detect not only when an employee is or isn’t present, but also if they have a suspicious number of unauthorised access attempts. The program shows which terminals are operational and how many people are in which rooms — crucial information in the event of a fire alarm.

Janitor: Access control in S/4HANA

Main features

  • Complete integration into SAP
    • Simple centralised data storage
    • Draws master data records from SAP
    • Control of access rights and analysis of attendance and absence times in your familiar application environment
    • Person-specific credential assignment using HCM characteristic or object-specific assignment via SAP Organisation Management (OM), working with plan variants
    • Seamless communication between SAP and the terminals (automatic upload and download of all events)
  • Individual access control
    • You define who may enter which areas and when
  • Define access profile
    • Single profile, user groups
  • ID issuance (via Janicard add-on module) and visitor management
    • Visitor accounts can be created directly in SAP by the entrance security staff
  • Security-related assessment functions
    • Proof of unauthorised access attempts, overview of attendance in the event of alarms and additional
  • Functional controls
    • Clear overview at all times of which terminals are operational

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