About Drakos GmbH

Personnel systems tailored to your company’s specific needs

Access controls and time recording — custom-built from one source

Drakos GmbH was founded in 2005 to help mid-sized and large firms and institutions design access control and time recording systems. Its work initially focused on functional add-ons to SAP-integrated access controls and ID issuance. The company’s overarching goal is to make data storage and analysis more efficient for its corporate clients and to provide more convenient and secure access options for those clients’ buildings and spaces. SAP is and remains the central and guiding system.

Managing Director Andreas G. Dietrich has been involved with development of SAP interfaces since 1991, and began producing his own SAP-integrated and/or integrating software in 1995. Finding the right solution for you, from both the bird’s eye and the close-up view, is our mission.



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