Mobile time logging using a smartphone

Time logging wherever you are – with JaniTime Basic

The working world is in transition, and is becoming increasingly mobile: The classic boundaries about when and where employees do their work have largely become irrelevant. All the more important to establish a clear division between work and leisure time, through simple logging of work and break times – using a smartphone, for example.

JaniTime Basic, the successor to our popular eTime Mobile, gives your employees an easy-to-use web application for logging their times on any standard smartphone. JaniTime Basic uses the latest web technology (HTML 5), meaning it will work off-line as well – logged arrival and departure times are stored until the smartphone re-establishes contact with a network.

An overview of JaniTime Basic

  • Web application / app to log arrivals, departures, break times etc. via a browser or smartphone
  • Connects to SAP via Drakos JaniWeb or Janitor
  • Easy to use
  • Offline mode thanks to HTML 5
  • No installation required
  • Works with Android, Windows and iOS devices
  • Compatible with existing hardware terminals
  • Customisable
  • Affordable

How does time logging work using JaniTime Basic?

The employee loads the web application from a link. An SAP ID number and pin are required for the first-ever log in. The browser stores this log-in information locally (web storage). Thereafter the employee is immediately brought to the user interface.

If the smartphone has a network connection (online), then it immediately transmits the check-in data to the server and SAP. A validation check is made on the data online, meaning the system queries whether the person is known to the database. In normal cases, the confirmation contains information such as name, flex time balance, holiday days remaining, etc.

If the smartphone cannot connect to the internet, then it initially stores the booking internally. A red status button shows the user the locally saved record. As soon as the connection is re-established, the app transmits the postings to SAP.