SAP interfaces

Taking charge of personnel data for 46 clinics

The ideal solution for Germany’s largest consortium of private clinics

The initial situation

SAP software was being used to administer the master personnel records for approx. 100,000 employees. Yet the personnel scheduling processes at each clinic were not linked into that system, leading to repeated errors in payroll accounting. Data administration was at times being performed twice or even three times, adding both expense and a significant source of potential error.

The request

Drakos was initially hired to advise the clinic: What was possible, what was sensible, and where could processes be streamlined? The organization wanted recommendations on how to link master personnel records and payroll accounting flawlessly to the various fields of personnel planning that were relevant to payroll but which to date had been isolated: shift planning, holiday absences, sick days, maternity or other leaves.

The solution

Drakos implemented an interface for all payroll-related data to be administered from one single system. This eliminates the need for redundant data storage and upkeep. This factor alone represented a significant cut in time and expensive for the consortium of clinics. The interface works in two directions: it delivers a full set of master data to the personnel scheduling team, while at the same time also updating all variable data in SAP for ongoing processing, such as by the payroll department. Drakos supported the implementation of the system on site, including full service and technical support as needed.