JaniTime Master – The tool for simple maintenance of a wide range of time-related information

This system improves transparency and efficiency for HR services by giving employees, HR managers and executives the opportunity to review and update a variety of time-related data online.

Structured processes for maximum clarify and ease of use

If for example an employee wishes to apply for summer holiday time, she needs only take the following quick steps:

  1. In his personal time profile, the employee calls up the number of holiday leave days still available for the current year.
  2. A review of the team calendar shows that a colleague has already requested holiday leave for the first two weeks of July. She thus opts for the two weeks thereafter, ensuring that the department has sufficient staffing for July.
  3. As soon as the desired dates have been selected and confirmed, the department head is then notified by email.
  4. If there are no issues with the request, then the department head can give immediate approval. The employee receives back an email confirmation and the data is stored in SAP.

The request can be placed, reviewed and approved all on one day.

Transparency and personal responsibility for time recording

The system offers a variety of other functions to promote transparency and personal responsibility in employees: You can enter clock-in and clock-out times directly from a PC and display time records not just from your own workstation, but from the multi-function terminals around the premises as well.
Main features
  • Easy update of times using a web interface
  • Entry of clock-in and clock-out times, including corrections (weekly summary)
  • Holiday requests, on call periods, replacement duty, time transfers and much other time data
  • Time/pay Statements
  • Compatible with multi-user operation: employees and time managers can review and update data
  • Automatic email notification
  • Overview of accrued leave
  • Team calendar
  • Display at the workstation or via multi-function terminals