Complete control through a simple and tidy alarm management

JaniAlarm allows you to react to events quickly and appropriately

Digital access management such as Janitor or JaniAccess are essential parts of modern security for companies and institutions. Zones and rights can be administered centrally and integrated straight into SAP.

Yet access software can also deliver information for analysis:

  • Which employees are located in which zone?
  • Are the access readers and time clock terminals working correctly?
  • Has a door been left open for a long time, or has a door been broken into?
  • Has someone reported a fire?

Depending on the event, immediate action may be necessary. Drakos developed JaniAlarm, a module for JaniWeb, to ensure that you can respond right away.

Alarms and key events at a glance

There is no need to search laboriously through the information provided centrally by JaniComm. JaniAlarm shows you alarms and other events on your screen as soon as they happen – both in text form as well as graphically using pre-defined floor plan.

The delivered information can be reviewed in the browser or exported at any time into GDPR-compliant PDF, CSV (Excel) or XML format files, or reviewed down to the second at a later point.

Drakos JaniAlarm

Maintain an overview: graphic depiction of alarms on a floor plan

JaniAlarm ensures that you don’t miss a thing. For crucial events, you’ll receive an email immediately – you decide which events qualify for such notifications. All notifications are retained in a clear list. If you select an event from it, JaniAlarm then shows you the precise position of the affected zone on the (previously defined) floor plan. This ensures that you always have an overview and can initiate appropriate measures quickly.

No time lost in an emergency: the evacuation list

In the event of a catastrophe, such as a fire, JaniAlarm can output an evacuation list for each defined zone:

  • At the press of a button (PDF/printer/email)
  • Automatically triggered e.g. via a fire alarm system

This lets you know immediately which persons are potentially still in harm’s way. The evacuation list is then reviewed at the gathering point:

  • Those who are present can be marked off as safe using a tablet computer or similar device
  • Employees mark themselves as “present” on a terminal in a safe zone

Your advantages with JaniAlarm

  • Simple assessment of reports and information from the access control system using any modern web browser
  • Immediate notification of security-related events
  • Evacuation support using a convenient gathering point solution
  • Monitoring of terminal hardware
  • Simple zone management – which employees are in which area?
  • Graphic presentation of terminal hardware and zones on a floor plan
  • Can be expanded using JaniWeb modules such as JaniAccess (access management) and JaniVisit (visitor management)

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