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Impact of GDPR on time recording and access control

The new European General Data Protection Regulation has put companies to the test — data officers are tasked with checking all corners of the company to ensure that data is being transmitted safely and stored properly. This applies to time recording and access control data as well. Any GDPR-compliant web application must for example work with an encrypted connection, especially where personal data is involved.

To ensure that you, our customer, are on the safe side, all Drakos browser and mobile-based products for time recording working exclusively with encrypted connections.

Depending on the application, it may also be necessary to encrypt the data traffic between SAP and a subsystem (such as for time recording and access management). To this end, SAP offers the Secure Network Communications (SNC) module. It protects the communications paths between different client and service components of the SAP system and promotes a significantly higher level of security. Drakos has been successfully using this technology for many years now and uses it in its products.