Time for something new: Drakos eTime becomes JaniWeb

A breath of fresh air is blowing through the product range of Drakos GmbH – all eTime web modules for time recording, access and visitor management, card management as well as additional modules for various tasks, which have been successful for more than 20 years, are now merged into the new Jani line.

“Our new products JaniAccess, JaniVisit, JaniAlarm, JaniTime, Attendance Board and SAP Time Statements offer convincing ease of connection to SAP applications and other common ERP systems and provide interfaces to the hardware of all leading manufacturers. They also meet all the requirements for modern and fast software architecture and offer interfaces that can be operated via web browsers and mobile devices with secure, SSL-encrypted communication,” says Andreas G. Dietrich, founder and managing director of Drakos GmbH. This means that all modules are also fully cloud-compatible and can be used as software as a service (SaaS). Further advantages are adaptability and expandability with regard to Industry 4.0, for example in high-security areas.

“Customers who are still using eTime productively will continue to receive support from Drakos until the end of 2022”, Andreas G. Dietrich continues. Drakos emphasises that Janitor, the software for access management in SAP, is not affected by the discontinuation.

The eTime series, created in 1999 and later continuously expanded, included the modules Attendance/Absence, access4you, ID Administrator and Attendance Board. Switching to their counterparts in the new Jani series is possible with little effort. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.drakos.de/en/solutions/time-recording/janiweb/