Janitor: Access Control in S/4HANA | Drakos

Access controls with Janitor already S/4HANA-compatible

When software maker SAP announced that its On-Premises corporate software SAP ERP HCM (SAP HR) will be moving 100% into the cloud in the medium term, many saw the announcement as a reason for uncertainty and concern. Decision makers were forced to question how the wisdom and security of their investments in things like software add-ons, given that they would be forced to migrate to S/4HANA or ultimately SuccessFactors. Whether you have an existing access control solution or need a new one, there is little doubt that integration into SAP makes more sense now than ever.

Access control with Janitor and Janicard – an investment in the future

If you’re already a Drakos customer, we’ve got comforting news: our Janitor access management module is already S/4HANA-compatible. It is a given for us that your investment should be protected, and our SAP add-ons Janitor (for access control) and Janicard (for ID generation) are perpetually updated to be compliant with the latest developments from SAP. For you, this means: no matter whether you are holding on to your locally installed SAP suite for as long as possible, are looking to migrate to the transitional S/4HANA solution or whether you prefer a hybrid solution — or even are ready now to take the plunge into the data cloud with SuccessFactors — Drakos will support you on your journey, ensuring that all the familiar functions you need remain available to you. You can count on your investments continuing to pay off for many years to come.

Have an immediate need for access control software?

Companies have an immediate need for access management based on an SAP-backend can deploy Janitor as a future-ready add-on that will not only integrate into their current SAP HR software, but grow and update with it as well. Janitor, which is already fully S/4HANA compatible, represents an important cornerstone for the transformation to the cloud, and for a smooth later migration to SuccessFactors. Have questions about your specific situation? Call us, we’re glad to advise you!