Drakos beim JP-Morgan-Lauf 2018

On 7 June, nine employees from Drakos GmbH took part in the world’s largest corporate run, the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, in Frankfurt on Main. The event is part of a series of runs spanning five continents, seven countries and 13 cities. Every local variant shares a focus on fairness, team spirit, communal fitness and supporting a good cause — with more than 255,000 euros raised in Frankfurt to be applied to sports projects for young people with disabilities.

Roughly 64,000 runners from 2,388 companies crossed the starting line. Andreas G. Dietrich, founder and managing director of Drakos GmbH, is a long-time participant: “Back in the early 2000s the event was still known as ‘Jogging gegen Mobbing’ (‘Running Off the Bullies’). Since fairness and friendly interaction have always been cornerstones of our company, I decided we ought to take part. And we continue to do so today.”