Year: 2018

GDPR | Drakos

Impact of GDPR on time recording and access control

The new European General Data Protection Regulation has put companies to the test — data officers are tasked with checking all corners of the company to ensure that data is being transmitted safely and stored properly. This applies to time recording and access control data as well. Any GDPR-compliant web application must for example work […]

Janitor: Access Control in S/4HANA | Drakos

Access controls with Janitor already S/4HANA-compatible

When software maker SAP announced that its On-Premises corporate software SAP ERP HCM (SAP HR) will be moving 100% into the cloud in the medium term, many saw the announcement as a reason for uncertainty and concern. Decision makers were forced to question how the wisdom and security of their investments in things like software […]